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Our Story

Shirley and NataliFollow your dreams. That's what we believe in and that's how Finem was created. Finem is our classic yet edgy, unique, timeless, hand crafted jewelry brand.

We are two sisters with different backgrounds: Shirley, an Interior designer & Natali, an Art Therapist. In 2016 we joined together to fulfil our joint special dream to design jewelry.

Our unique family story, combines a European mother raised in Britain, France & Italy and a Master Mariner father, who traveled a great deal around the world. They met, got married and lived for many years in Africa, experiencing many exciting adventures.

These mixed roots and our cultural heritage, influenced us and marked a stamp on our eclectic creation.

Our collections combine pieces with a classic European character, alongside wild nature filled patterns. Pieces that are chic and contemporary, yet designed to remain timeless.